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Temporarily silence your incoming calls by setting a silent ringtone on your iPhone as the default. You can easily add a silent ringtone to your iPhone with iTunes. Silence incoming text messages and other alerts. Last but not least, another jailbreak option is to install the utility Auto Silent. This problem just happened to me. After some research. Thank you so much , you saved my phone after hours of searching you the only one that made sense and actually worked!!!!

How can I fix a broken ring/silent switch on the iPhone? | The iPhone FAQ

Settings 2. General 3. Accessibility 4. Tap circle 7. Choose "device" 8. Choose "mute".

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I just tried this in my phone thankyou very much as it goes straight to mute by switching the volume right down and then back up again once you want it on normal. Thank you so much!!!! Mine has been broken for a couple years. This is truly amazing and thank you for sharing such an easy fix.

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I kinda need to fix it rlly bad ,.. I tried all the suggetions, to no avail. I floosed, I googled and I sorted advise from friends and family, all to no avail. In my frustration, which only an Apple device, can awaken. I threw the phone at the nearest wall. My reasoning for this was, if I have a phone that does not ring, what is the point.? Had same problem — switch would spring back without working, leaving phone in the muted position.

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I kept pushing the switch on and off up and down and, with enough force so that the protruding switch moved fully, it started working and eventually clicked in each position. I kept doing this and now it works perfectly. It stays in whatever position I put it in. I'm guessing there was some small mechanical issue in the case or switch that can be fixed by use. Newest iPhone FAQs. What is the screen size of the iPhone 11 models?

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When is the iPhone 11 release date? Sounds and Ringtones. How to Add a Startup Sound to the iPhone. Get retro Super Mario sounds on the iPhone. Add new comment Comments This problem just happened to me. Thank you so much!! What glowing button I can't see one? Thank you very, very much. Try holding the iPhone in your right hand with your thumb on the upper right corner and applying a bit of pressure.

Do this a couple of times and see if the volume down button starts to work again. This fix may or may not last and also tends to indicate a loose internal connection. Tap the upper left corner of the iPhone against your desk. This gives you control over the buttons.

Tapping Volume down a few times may actually start your button working again. If you do have a software problem, this should fix it. A hard reset sometimes works. All you have to do is press the power and home buttons down. If none of the quick fixes can get your volume button working again, you may have a hardware problem that requires professional help. If your iPhone is still under warranty, call Apple or take the device to an Apple Store for assistance.

If your warranty has expired and you want to have your iPhone repaired properly without spending a lot of money, go to iResQ.

How to Fix iPhone 5 Power Button Problem

If you have the iPhone 5C, check out our volume button repair services page for that model. Find other models on our main iPhone repair page. Our expert technicians have repaired thousands of iPhones and are prepared to fix any problem your device may have. At iResQ, you can get a free diagnostic quote and have your phone back in working condition quickly. Just go to www. CST, Monday through Friday. All repairs come with a day warranty and day refund policy so your satisfaction is guaranteed! Your email address will not be published. All Apple logos used on this site are a trademark of Apple Inc..

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