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Apr 24, Critic Score point score based on reviews from various critics. User Score 5 point score based on user ratings. These versions include 14 levels in which players must help the Dynamic Duo along with the Justice League in later stages collect studs, defeat enemies and interact with numerous objects in an open-world environment akin to the home console editions.

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After completing the main storyline, there are additional missions to carry out with the Justice League to unlock 5 extra characters within the Batcomputer. Minikit pieces collected will unlock a new character one for each , Red Bricks unlock abilities in the Extras menu and Sound Bites introduced in this game and consist of blue musical notes contain mini-vocal dialogue from certain characters. The Touch Screen for 3DS and DS consoles is utilised to select characters, choose the character's current abilities and to choose a character to play as at anytime only used for Free Play , while the action takes place on the Top Screen.

In contrast, all the action takes place on the PS Vita's single screen. The handheld versions also save current level progress made and can be accessed at any time from the Load Game screen. Become a Patron! Activate the elevator, use Plastic Man to get through the shield.

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In front of the area where the two gold arms are blocking your path, break the stuff there to reveal the Plastic Man pad. Again, use him to to get the last Studs Red Brick. Activate all the Studs Red Bricks to get x stud multiplier. This one is on Level 6: The Lantern Menace.

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In the first part of the stage: Access the Ships Power Core when you spawn, go to the left side and on the wall are some magnetic pipes. Use a character with magnetism powers to reveal pieces for a Plastic Man pad. This one is on Level 7: Europe Against It. On part 2 of the stage: Use a character that can destroy gold bricks to reveal parts for the Plastic Man pad.

Big Trouble in Little Gotham on part 4: Defeat Brainiac.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Red Bricks #6: Attract Studs

During the boss fight when Brainic uses two tentacles to attack you, head to the right side side where you can see a dirt patch on the ground. Use a character with digging abilities to dig up parts for the Plastic Man pad. This Red Brick is found on Level 9: Power of Love, part 3: Defeat the Zamaron Beast. After you beat the boss, fly up to the pink lantern and on the base is a Solomon Grundy pad.

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Use Grundy to dig up the Plastic Man pad. For this Red Brick, go to Level A Blue Hope on part 2: Find Saint Walker. You can find this Red Brick on Level Jailhouse Nok on part 3: Restore the Lantern Battery. During the very end while you are fighting Indigo-1, there are some plants right in front of the swirly lights that you can destroy to reveal the Plastic Man pad.

This Red Brick is on Level All the Rage during part 2: At the very beginning on the bottom left, there is a techno console. Select a character who can use it to release parts for the Plastic Man pad.

LEGO Batman 2 (PS3) - How To Find The Wayne Manor Red Brick

Destroy the silver rock to get the Red Brick. Need for Greed at part 2: Bribe the Statue. On the top right corner, there is a silver grate. Destroy it to get the Plastic Man pad.