Samsung galaxy note mobile network problem

I do have Wifi, but not Verizon Network Access. When I leave work, my network connectivity would start working again as soon as I left the building.

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Recently I tried making a call…. My colleagues driving the same commute and uses Verizon as well has no issues with network connectivity. Verizon has replaced my Sim Card, still no difference.

4 Replies to “How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Network Problems”

No network connectivity for about 15 minutes, regardless of what route I take home. What can I do? Thank you!!!! Replacing the SIM card is a good decision since you will be able to isolate it. Since the issue still occurs have you tried checking if there are any network related issues in the area you are passing through?

How To Fix "Mobile Network Not Available" error Android

Try to contact Verizon tech support and inquire if there are any network issues. If the there are no network issues then your best option right now is to perform a factory reset. This is a recommended procedure whenever issues arise after a major software upgrade. Just make sure to back up your phone data before proceeding. I have a Note 3. During calls I hear beeping sounds like I am calling someone.

Why Network Signal and Outgoing Calls are Failed in Samsung Galaxy Note8?

It happens on nearly all calls. Very annoying. Any help? Thank you for your feedback! Please answer all questions.

Fix Mobile network not available Error in Android-For All service Provider

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Need Support? S — sorry for too many words. Looking forward for your reply. And thank you in advance. The way I look at this issue it appears to be software related.

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You may have to wait for a minor software update to resolve this issue. Just to be sure though try to ask around from other Note 4 owners under the same network you are on. Oh and I believe the problem started with the lollipop update. Can you help? Thanks so much.

How to turn off S Finder in Note 3

If the issue occurs even with a new SIM card inserted in your phone then it then there is a big possibility that this issue is phone related. What you need to do first is to check the SIM slot for any signs of dirt or lint. This will interfere with the contacts and may cause this type of problem. Clean it if necessary using compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Network Problems

The next thing you should do is to eliminate any loose issues. Cut out a piece of paper the size of your SIM card and place it on top of your SIM card when you insert it in your phone. This causes a tight connection and may help resolve the issue. Finally, if all else fails you should back up your phone data and do a factory reset.