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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Multiplayer with up to four players is available both locally and online via Game Center. You can also choose to race or battle opponents in an arena, a la Mario Kart. Besides the few rage-quitters, online play is very smooth and easy to jump into. In a future update, we hope Sega brings the battle mode to single player as well. This currency can be used to unlock new characters and tracks for free play. They also automatically fill your rank meter. Every character, kart, track, and sound effect feels like it fits right in.

Racing with Dr. You won't get this power-up all the time, but when you do, activating it will give you a higher amount of speed and let you run right through opponents. To use it, just tap the power-up when you're ready.

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There are four ways. The first is picking up a general power-up boost after running over one of the question bowls. Just tap the power-up to use it. The second is with power strips that are colored pink and littered all over the tracks. Run over or through these and you'll get a quick boost. The third is with tricks.

How to unlock all characters in Sonic and all stars racing transformed

You perform tricks in mid-air by swiping on the screen after coming off a jump. Land these tricks successfully and you'll earn a boost. Finally, there's drifting. If you take corners tight enough without hitting the walls - by hitting the drift button without losing any acceleration - you'll begin to earn power. This can be leveled up to three times, so the longer you drift, the more boost you'll earn.

For some events, you'll actually need to master drifting in order to complete the race. Yes, before each race, you'll have the option to use either rings or stars in your possession to play a quick jackpot event.

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If not by land… Why does Sonic need a car to race? With that experience, you might think you know just what to expect from the new mobile release. And to a certain extent, you would be correct. Among the most notable of changes is the available roster in the game. A second currency has been added in stars, which have various uses, not the least of which is turning the All-Star super catch-up items into more of a commodity than a simple random pick-up. Steering is performed by your choice of tilt controls or a virtual thumbstick, which we found works quite well—possibly better than the console versions, even, though that may just be us it sure felt like we were doing better with it.

That is, until you come to flying.

Navigation menu

The thumbstick is floating, and there is no option to make it stay put. When steering left to right, we found it worked like a charm, but when it came to diving and pulling up, things felt a bit more strained. The racing is solid, responsive, and feels fair.

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