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This is the Kindle app's version of folders, a simple way to catalog books in your library. For example, you might create one collection called "Read" and another called "Unread. When you're done, you move it to the former. To create a new collection, start at the Library screen. Tap the Menu icon followed by Collections. Now tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner, assign a name to your collection and tap Create. Now tap the covers of any items you want to add.

Unfortunately, you can't filter out magazines and documents from this view; the app displays every single item in your library.

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But you can do a dynamic keyword search to help find specific titles. It's important to note that books can be assigned to multiple collections; nothing is actually being moved into folders. Rather, think of this as a form of tagging; books can have more than one tag. By default, the Kindle app doesn't show you the time unless you tap the center of the page. Prefer a full-time clock? You can have it: From the Library screen, tap the Menu icon, then Settings. Near the bottom, enable Show clock while reading. I'm a big fan of apps like Instapaper and Pocket that allow you to "clip" web pages for later viewing on your mobile devices.

Now the Kindle app offers a similar capability. Whenever you're viewing a page in Safari and want to preserve it for later reading, tap the Share aka upload icon, which is the square box with the arrow pointing up out of it. Then swipe that first row of icons until you see Send to Kindle. Don't see it?

Tap More at the end of that icon row, then enable Send to Kindle in the Activities menu. Did you know your Kindle app has its own email address?

The ultimate guide to using Kindle app for iPad and iPhone

Here is everything you should know to make the most of the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone. Kindle app for the iPad and iPhone has many unique features that make it the most versatile book reading environment. The reason is not only how the app is designed. The guide includes advice for ebook newbies, for instance, how to import Kindle books from another device.

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You will also find more advanced — and less known — features, naming only the ability to save articles for later reading, or book discovery tools. Many users who consider buying a tablet or smartphone from Apple ask a question: Use the search feature to find the Kindle app. Type the email and password combination you are using to sign in to your account in the Amazon online store. You used this account to buy the Kindle in the Amazon store. When your Kindle e-reader and Kindle app for iOS are connected to the same Amazon account, all your Kindle books are synced via Amazon servers, just like all your Gmail messages are synced via Google servers, no matter which computer you choose to connect to it.

You never registered your Kindle with the Amazon? If you have the account on Amazon, I strongly recommend registering the Kindle with it. Registering all your devices with the same account is the most comfortable way to manage and sync all your Kindle books. Although you see these books in your Kindle app for iPad or iPhone, they are not downloaded to the device yet.

You can do it easily, by tapping the book see the screenshot above, on the left. Your Kindle app comes with just one document that is pre-downloaded.


Once you download any book from the Cloud tab, it will appear in the Device section. Every book available in the Device tab can be accessed offline, which means you open and read it even when your iPad is not connected to the internet.

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There is no need to do that. Download only the titles you are reading right now or going to read next plus the custom dictionary, if you are using it. If you are not familiar with read-later platforms, such as Instapaper or Pocket, here is a quick explanation. These services let you save articles you find on the web so that you can access them later.

This solution gives three main advantages:. You can achieve the same using the Kindle app on the iPhone and iPad. Which app or apps are you using to read news and blogs on the web? There are a lot of possibilities. You may read in Safari or Chrome browser. Help: Kindle Reading Apps

You may use Feedly. No matter which app is your favorite, all of them support the iOS share menu, which helps send the content, its part, or a link to services such as email, text message, or notes app. Different apps have the share icon placed in different positions. Usually, the icon shows the arrow coming up from the box. In Safari browser, the share menu icon is located in the bottom bar, right in the middle see the screenshot above, on the left. Tap it, and the share menu will slide from the bottom edge of the screen.

It looks the same as the icon of the Kindle app. By default, Save in Kindle Library is checked on see the screenshot above, on the left.

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  • Once you install the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad, it will become the easiest way to download and read ebooks from different sources. There are several sites on the web that offer free ebooks to download in a variety of formats compatible with almost any device. You can find free ebooks in the Kindle Store, but there is no way to add them directly from within the Kindle for iOS app. Well, you can add them — but only partially, as free samples. Instead, you can explore Amazon website in a dedicated Amazon shopping app or a web browser like Safari or Chrome.

    And, since you are in a web browser, you can also check out other sites which offer free ebooks. This site is optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily browse it also on a smaller screen. When you open the mobile version of Project Gutenberg on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily find the most popular titles. Pick up the one that you want to download and tap it see the screenshot above, on the left. Project Gutenberg gives the option to select the Kindle file with or without pictures see the screenshot above, on the right.

    When you tap the download link or button, the dialog window will appear asking you to decide what to do with the file. One of the biggest benefits of ebooks is the possibility to adjust the settings of the book reading app, to make the text appear exactly how you want it.

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    The settings in the Kindle for iOS app are simple and easy to use. On the other hand, the Kindle app has everything you need to personalize the look of the text. When you tap the screen, the view will change to reveal the full interface. Some people love reading books with a gentle serif typeface.

    While reading with continuous scrolling, you can now select and highlight text. You can turn continuous scrolling on via Settings, then easily turn it on and off from the Aa menu in your book. Visit the Community tab to discover and discuss books with friends, authors, and the Goodreads community.

    Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

    Resize the app to multi-task while reading without ever switching context. Turn continuous scrolling on via Settings, then easily turn it on and off from the Aa menu in your book. Tell us what you think. We fixed an issue with Speak Screen compatibility - now narration no longer skips paragraphs. This feature is coming in the next few weeks. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Tap and hold on a word or phrase to search for it and see where else it occurs in the book.

    Notification Center now includes the ability to delete messages. To use this feature, tap on the "bell" icon at the top of your home screen and swipe left to delete a single message or tap the "trash can" icon to delete all messages.