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There are also features on this app that take note from social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. For instance, you can apply filters like those found on Instagram to a video, and put stickers on top of a video like you can in Snapchat. Since these two social media apps have video content, this editing app is perfect for those social media users who like to play with filters.

You can also enhance the sound of the video, mute the sound of the video, speed a video up or slow a video down. And it also features Instagram and Snapchat filters. Getting to grips with what the app means by settings such as 'Slow', 'Slower' and 'Slowest' can takes some fiddling, but it's generally quite easy to use.

There's a mini editing suite in the app too, so you can trim your footage and decide what speed it should be, then export it to your Camera Roll to use elsewhere if you want. You're unlikely to put it mildly to see iMovie being used to make the next Hollywood blockbuster, but Apple's video-editing app is ideal for home movies, or short films to go online. From there, you can use the Precision Editor tool, and the Themes and Transitions, to craft and fine-tune your movie.

You can add titles, choose from a range of sound effects to add some texture to your film, and add background music from your own library or compose your own in GarageBand. Though iMovie doesn't do everything, it's capable of some truly impressive results in a very short amount of time.

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The interface is intuitive, it's reliable, and it's got a great range of export options, including uploading your finished film straight to the net, or sending it to iTunes so you can continue editing on a Mac. There are a few contenders for the scriptwriting crown on iOS, but Celtx's combination of universal support, cloud support to link to the desktop version of Celtx and useful context-sensitive buttons to quickly build your script means it gets our pick. You can create screenplays, theatre scripts, comic scripts and more, with the on-screen options and layout tailored for each different kind of work.

The various buttons make sure that you're always working in the right way, with different elements of the script laid out in the right place, without you having to worry about alignment or anything like that. You can add notes to areas of your script, which are preserved across the desktop and iOS versions of the app, and if you want to send the script to someone else, it can easily be emailed as text or a PDF, or printed with AirPrint. The scripts themselves are easy to read, and can be resized quickly with just a pinch.

The only downside is a lack of support for Final Draft format, but this is more than capable of letting you create an Oscar-winning script on your iPad. The best films require meticulous planning and preparation, and one of the most important stages in that is storyboarding.

Part 2: Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad

Getting the composition of your shots right before you start filming makes a massive difference to their eventual quality, but it's a lot of work. Storyboard Composer makes it slightly easier by enabling you to take photos and import into the app, and then add arrows and notes to indicate what should be happening on screen.

You can also indicate what camera moves will be made — such as a zoom or pan — and it will actually animate those on your photo. You can specify how long each shot should last, eventually building a complete skeleton for your film. Tapping the video slider at the top reveals four more tools.

These include options to edit the clip, remove it, duplicate it, and add different transition effects. The free version of the app allows you to create short p videos with a Videorama watermark. You can pay for a monthly subscription, or unlock all the features of the app.

That will remove the watermark, provide access to premium content and features, allow you to create p 60FPS video, and the ability to share content longer than three minutes. Videorama Video Editor Free, in-app purchases available. Another great app from GoPro, Quik is a solid choice if you want to create a video montage with just a few taps. Instead of a being a true editor like Splice, the app focuses on bringing together different media files for a customizable result.

5 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone iOS 12/11

You can also select the music icon on the bottom of the screen to change the music or add your own track. If you prefer, you can instead select a number of different built-in templates, each with their own graphics and music. Before saving to your iPhone or iPad or sharing on social media, you can convert the video into a Quik Free.

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An automatic tool will create a video montage. But the manual option allows much more control over the final video.

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Adobe Premiere Clip Free. With a focus on social media, Magisto takes all the difficulty out of creating a perfect video.

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Just like Quik, the app handles all the editing itself. Using AI, the editor combines video, photos, music, text, effects, and filters. Next, there are a number of different songs to select from, including everything from rock to cinematic. You can also choose a specific tune from a music library. Then share the results with just a single tap to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networks.