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Even there are some who use default ringtone from ages. Keeping people who change their ringtones frequently in mind many websites took birth and those people use that kinda websites to get free ringtones for their mobiles. No one in the globe show much interest to pay bucks to get ringtones right? So everyone thinks to download and get free ringtones for their mobiles. Today here you can know about 7 best popular websites from which you can get free ringtones to show your mindset to others around you.

In fact, there are thousands of websites to get free ringtones but few among them adds lots of limitations to download a single ringtone, we need sites which give download link directly for the required ringtone without making us navigate through their entire website. Below are 7 such websites where you can get free ringtones without any difficulty.

The Best Websites for Free Android Ringtones without User Registration - WEBCAZINE

They update their sites daily with latest cool stuff. Have a look. Also Read: Every site mentioned here is easy to use when compared to all remaining sites not mentioned here.

Top 20 BEST Ringtones 2018 [Download]

We made this list on the basis of ringtone collection, popularity and user interface. I must say Zedge is a hell awesome website to get free ringtones in no time. Tons of ringtones are present currently in this site and hundreds of new ringtones are being added every day by the members of the site. The best part is that you can even create an account there and contribute your collection to your lovely friends. Along with ringtones, it offers free wallpapers, few applications, and themes. Go to Zedge. To be frank, mobile9 is best for mobile applications and wallpapers.

But I started listening that these days mobile9 is embedded with cool ringtone collection as well. When I was a kid, I spend at the least couple of hours daily to get a lot of applications from there and even I made a huge collection for my Nokia mobile. Nowadays Mobile9 is offering free ringtones to download.

It is also of the best site to get free ringtones for any kind of mobile. Visit Mobile9 and get free ringtones.

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The first look is best ever, whenever I open this site on my laptop; its design makes me feel happy, Yeah! Next to Mobile9 and Zedge; this is also the best way to get free ringtones for a smartphone. Go to Audiko. The user interface of Myxer is hard to adopt for casual users. This site has really a very good collection but the bad part is most of them are premium, I mean we have to pay them to download ringtone. However, there are many free ringtones and search box on this site is very powerful in displaying accurate results.

5 best apps for notification tones and ringtones

Just like Zedge, Cellsea also has multiple functions and can assist you in its different ways. You can customize your ringtone and as well work with wallpapers. The best thing about this ringtone app is the fact that it supports multiple ranges of audio files. Therefore makes it all the easier to work with them. Now, this is something different and something which might be of your interest if you are looking for a ringtone app with more than just the basic needs.

You can create your ringtone segments, much like the MP3 cutter. It also has some additional features to offer, like you can cut and paste and create a new ringtone altogether. Alternatively, you could as well fade in or fade out the music. This is one useful free ringtone app!

Part 2: How to Make Free Music Ringtones for Android

It is simple to use with less drama and though it allows you to do things rather differently. There are no complications involved.

Top 8 Best Free Ringtone App for Android

Excitingly it includes 95 zen ringtones. Overall quite a good interface, You can search through a wide variety of ringtones and manage it according to your comfort. The apps allow you to use it as just not ringtones but alarms of any particular contacts. Nevertheless, you can even use it reminder ringtones and enjoy your calls and all other activities. Above goes all the apps which can help you in setting up the best ringtone efficiently.


So, enjoy using them according to your phone space and comfort. Surely all of them can satisfy the need you want it to get fulfilled. Edited By- Anushka Ranka. Thanks for your excellent article — as an older person with limited experience with the latest technology let alone the industry jargon I really appreciate your plain yet highly informative content.

Kind regards Sandra. Android Top 8 Best Fr Zedge 1. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers 1. Another site that offers free ringtones for Android is mobiles It contains an abundance of genres ranging from country to pop and rock. What makes this site recommendable is the fact that you can refine your search by inputting keywords in the search bar, making it extra easy to look for the one you want. Aside from the two listed above, you can also use mob. The page offers different resources that will help Android users customize their phones.

It has games, mobile applications, live wallpapers, and themes that do not cost a dime. Impressively, it provides an infinite list of tracks that are great to assign as your call or message tone.

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  • 5 Websites to Download Free Android Ringtones.
  • You can comfortably hit the download button or scan the code to save the ringtones. You can also go to audiko. You can certainly finds lots of great music here. The great thing about this page is that you can make your own MP3 tones and share them with everyone. Last on the list is Tones7.

    You can save an unlimited amount of tones without having to pay for anything.